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Video Production Teams

Production Team

1.Production Team-Phase One: Pre-Production
The first step in the process of creating a video is all about preparation and setting the groundwork. During this phase, it's essential to do the planning, research & problem-solving.
The pre-production phase includes:

Video strategy/goals | Budget/scope
Story selection | Project timeline
Script creation | Talent/characters
Production team/equipment needs
Location Scouting

Creative Designer Team

Phase 2 : Creative production

The meetings are over, the preparation is complete. Now, it's time to have some fun! This is the part where the story begins to come to life.

Creative Designing is a field where we do computer-generated graphics and digital animation which is designed to envision a future product. It also involves moments that are creative, powerful and unforgettable. It's about thinking out of the box to make it exclusive.

3d Modelling | Designing Team

Our 3D Artist builds 3D models of products, environments, and more.
They use their ability to create photo realistic materials, lighting, and rendered images for various uses.

Visualisation Team

Phase 4 : Visualisation Process

Our Visualisation teams visualize the technique for creating images, 3d scene or animations to communicate a message.
Typical of a visualization application is the field of computer graphics.

Animation Team

Our Animation departments are work on various aspects of animation such as storyboarding or 3D modelling.
Our team handles animation as a whole or to multiple departments that handle specific tasks.

Visual Effects VFX Team

Phase 6 : VfX Design

Visual effects, also called VFX, enable filmmakers to enhance a story by bringing to life by characters, worlds, stunts.

Our VFX team also use subtle visual effects in more grounded films in order to tell their stories more effectively.

Music | Sound Effects | SFX Team

Phase 7 : Sound Design

Our special effects supervisor, also referred to as a special effects director,
Special effects coordinator or SFX supervisor, is an individual who works on a creating special sounds effects.

Post -Production Team

Phase 8 : Post production

After the production phase is finished, the producer and editor go to work.
During the post-production phase, your video production team will begin the process to organize, plan, and edit the actual video.

Then, they will assemble the story and the video editor does their magic to bring all the pieces together

Video Production Process

Different Phases Of Our Designing Services

  • Research: Understand stories and objectives
  • Pre-Production Meeting: Key messaging, identify audience, set timelines
  • Strategic Vision: Story identification, storyboarding, planning & shoot
  • News gathering: Shoot interviews and b-roll video
  • Content Creation: Logging, scripting, producing and editing
  • Content Review: Edits, revisions, approvals


Our goal is to make sure the video process goes as smooth as possible. Having the necessary information and good communication will bring you the best video product our team can offer.

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